See your Git repository in a new way




  Linux x64


Let's start easy, within a terminal in your project using git, type :

$ difftimeline

First page

You can see the diff of the working directory from the HEAD. If you click the huge button <, you can fetch previous commit from the current head

Fetching previous commits

If you click the button above < you can switch back and forth to the "compact" view.

Compact commit view

Navigating files

Clicking on the Tree panel will show you all the files contained in the commit and let you browse them.

Commit tree

You can click on any to follow the history of a specific file, let's follow the static-content/difftimeline.css

File diff

You can see every modification of a file between two commits. In the commit description, each round represent a commit whom have not modified the file. If you click on any round, you will jump to the commit description. You can also use the compact mode

File diff

To directly see modifications for a file, you can use $ difftimeline filename at the command line.

Comparing Things together

Whenever you see something like :

you can drag them to the comparing zone :

And then, see the results, you can compare commit together, commit with branches, branches with commit and any file with any other file. The panel you can see on the right of the previous screenshot is the Branch Panel, it list the branch present in the git repository.

Branch comparaison


If you click on a blame button, present in file view or tree view, you can see the blame on a file starting on the current commit.

Blame view

You can then click on any blame information to jump to the commit view.

Keyboard shortcuts

Right now the current keyboard shortcuts are implemented in Difftimeline :


Found bugs? please fill a ticket in Difftimeline-bugtrack